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Cosmetic dentistry


The Champel Dental Centre dentists can carry out all cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening, changing the tooth colour and shape by fitting veneers or altering the position of the teeth by means of orthodontics

In an holistic vision of the dentistry, we know that our appearance cannot be detached from our sensations and from our feelings, nor from our relations in the others and in our environment. With it, we do not only try to be more beautiful, but especially to feel good, in our body, our head and our life, generally. That’s why in case of esthetic treatment, we try to adapt the shape and the color of teeth to the physical, emotional, familial, social, and cultural dimensions of the patient.

Teeth whitening

1) Teeth whitening is a procedure that aims to lighten the colour of the enamel and dentine by means of a frost with peroxide of hydrogen. No whitening treatment should however be made without a preliminary oral check-up, during which one your dentist makes sure of the absence of contraindications (not well-kept caries, devitalized teeth, weakness of the enamel, gingival irritations …). The dentist applies a product to the surface or inside of the tooth to change its colour. Champel Dental Centre offers three different methods of teeth whitening:

  1. ‘In office’ treatment, performed at the practice – this option consists of applying a high concentration gel to the teeth that is then light-activated, a rapid method subject to medical supervision.
  2. ‘Home bleach’ performed at home – this method consists of applying a lower concentration whitening gel in custom-made trays worn during the day (twice for 40 minutes at a time per day, over a period of 9–14 days), or overnight.
  3. ‘Dead (grey) tooth’, which is treated from within the tooth. The whitening product is applied at the level of the root, and the tooth is whitened subsequently.

2 to 3 appointments, with a delay of 8 days.

Thanks to these techniques, you can find easily the brightness and the charm of the smile of your youth!

Dental veneers

The fitting of veneers requires two to three appointments at eight day intervals.

2) A veneer is a fine layer of ceramic that is glued to the front (vestibular) surface of the tooth. The veneer is made of a ceramic material that is aesthetically pleasing, durable and does not weaken the tooth. It is possible to fit a veneer on one tooth, or in complex cases of modifications for cosmetic purposes veneers can be stuck to all the front teeth. The advantage of ceramic veneers is that they enable the living tooth to be retained, with minimum preparation of the teeth needed. They are very useful in several situations, including:

  1. to hide discolouration
  2. to change the colour of teeth when whitening is ineffective
  3. to change the shape of a tooth
  4. to lengthen a tooth
  5. to close gaps between teeth (diastemata)
  6. to reinforce cracked or damaged teeth and improve their appearance
  7. To make wider a narrow smile
  8. To straighten a smile

Time required for the esthetic dentistry
Generally, two appointments of 4-5 hours each are necessary for an esthetic treatment, in the case of 8 to 10 visible teeth. The number of teeth which will be aesthetically treated depends on the width of your smile (count the number of visible teeth when you smile).

There is no other dental treatment which can compete with the porcelain veneers when it is about the preservation of the existing dental structure, about the permanent bleaching of teeth, about the natural appearance and about the biocompatibility. It is the treatment of archetypal choice to improve the esthetic appearance and maintain the healthy oral structures.

Changing the shape and colour of a central incisor using a ceramic veneer

The previsualization of the smile ( Digital Smile Design)
During an esthetic treatment which requires the modification of the shape of teeth (to lengthen, shorten, or widen them or to close spaces), the new techniques of previsualization allows to have an overview of your future smile even before having to affect your teeth.
You are thereby sure of the result before beginning the treatment, and we can discuss together your wishes and your desires, and simulate them to verify the profits they can bring.
You will thus have, at the end of treatment, the satisfaction to have recovered a smile of charm, in the natural aspect because perfectly integrated into your face.

Dental treatments at the Champel Dental Centre