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Cariology or dental decay


Cariology is a specialist field within dentistry and consists of preventing and treating dental decay. The dentists at the Champel Dental Centre are able to treat all cases of dental decay in both adults and children. They will check for signs of tooth decay in an annual clinical and radiological examination, and will provide valuable advice to help prevent it occurring, in cooperation with your dental hygienist, always keeping in mind the maintain of your mouth wellness foe a long time.


In order to treat dental decay, your dentist will start by removing the tooth’s affected tissues then replace them with the latest filling materials, known as composite resins. These resins enable the original form and colour of the tooth to be recreated.

Reconstruction using composite resin following tooth decay under a previous gold filling


This reconstructive technique with composite resin can also be used when a tooth has been fractured following an accident or to replace old amalgam fillings that are inadequate or not aesthetically pleasing

Composite reconstruction after an injury


If the decayed tooth is too damaged to be repaired and cannot be reconstructed in the mouth with just a composite resin, your dentist will then use an inlay or onlay made in a laboratory to create a solid, aesthetically pleasing reconstruction of the tooth.

After removing the decayed tissue and preparing the tooth so that it is clean and even, your dentist will take an impression of your teeth, which will be given to the technician so an inlay/onlay can be created in ceramic or resin. Once the inlay/onlay has been made, at your next appointment your dentist will then be able to adhere the inlay/onlay onto the tooth.

Today, thanks to the new technologies, and particularly intraoral scanners and the CAD/CAM processes, these restorations can be done directly in one appointment, to increase your comfort and your pleasantness.

Decayed teeth in very bad condition, ready to receive onlays

Onlays céramiques

Decayed teeth fitted with onlays

Dental treatments at the Champel Dental Centre