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Endodontics is a dental specialisation that concerns treating diseases of the dental pulp.
Dental pulp diseases manifest through an infection or an inflammation of the root canal system that contains the pulp (usually resulting in what we call toothache). In order to eliminate this inflammation or infection, your dentist will carry out an endodontic treatment (root canal treatment) under local anaesthetic. First, all traces of infection inside the root of the tooth are removed mechanically and chemically (using drugs). Then, once all the root canals of the tooth are clean, they are filled using biocompatible watertight products.

Canal system containing dental pulp in its roots (in red)



The tooth is considered dead but its root means that a crown or an onlay can be fitted without having to use an implant.

Decay which has reached the nerve and requires endodontic treatment/x-ray after the root has been filled


Electronic microscope

The dental root canal system is often difficult to access and generally very small. This means it is often difficult to achieve working conditions with a suitable view of the area being treated. In the Champel Dental Centre, root treatments, like many more classic procedures such as composite fillings and onlays which often require great precision, are generally carried out with the help of optical magnification equipment, and magnifying glasses or operating microscopes are therefore available in all of the rooms.

Dental treatments at the Champel Dental Centre