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At what age do you have to consult ?

Early orthodontic treatment can begin between the ages of six and eight years.
It may be necessary to intervene at this point to prevent a current situation worsening to the point that teeth become damaged or jaws grow incorrectly.

Most orthodontic treatment is carried out on adolescents between the ages of 9 and 14 years, however tooth development differs from person to person. This age range is the ideal period during which we can take advantage of the positive effect of pronounced cranial growth. At this age it is also socially acceptable for patients to wear braces.

Orthodontists in Centre Dentaire Champel are able to solve every orthodontic problem of your child. 

Here are the most common cases :

  • Interceptive treatments : They are fundamental because they permit to limit the evolution of an orthodontic problem, in order to obtain an harmonious growth of the cranio-facial complex.  These treatments are done during the growth period of the jaws to rectify malformations.
  • Treatments with extractions : In some cases, the size of the teeth is more important than the available place on the dental arch. Extractions can then be necessary in order to create enough space.
  • Succion of the thumb / lollipops : The succion of the thumb or of a lollipop may have consequences on the development of the jaws, and on the deglutition and elocution functions. Some appliances may be used on short periods to avoid more binding treatments in the adolescence.

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