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Osteocentral anesthesia


Osteocentral anaesthesia is a form of local anesthesia where we can introduce gently the active product close to the end of the root, to guarantee for greatest effectiveness.

This means that the anesthetic does not cause numbness, and can spread to up to 8 teeth from one injection point.

  1. It’s immediate, 
  2. effective, 
  3. has no numbing effect, 
  4. and no extra palatal or lingual injections are required. 


The anaesthetic spreads to the opposite attached mucosa (lining). No lingual or palatal boosters are required, even for extractions.
The injection is administered away from the septum in an area with plenty of veins, so there is no risk of necrosis.
As an effective replacement for intraligamentary, intraseptal and periapical Spix anaesthesia at the jaw and maxilla, QuickSleeper guarantees rapid, easy penetration into the cancellous bone by passing through the top of the papilla.
Penetration occurs as a result of the automatic rotation of a 30G – 16 mm DHT needle. The injection is controlled electronically.

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