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Periodontics is an area of dentistry that concerns treating all the tissues found around the tooth and which support it, including the gum, bone and the tissue that surrounds the root of the tooth (called cementum) and to which the ligament (the alveolodental ligament) that links the tooth to the bone is attached.

Periodontal diseases are also known as ‘loose teeth’. Most periodontal lesions are chronic, evolve with few signs and are imperceptible to the patient. The clinical signs are generally ignored or considered to be normal. The disease is generally already at an advanced stage when it becomes visible. Today 50% of adults suffer from a periodontal disease.


The Champel Dental Centre dental team can treat periodontal diseases. However, the steps that your dentist can take are limited, as it is only with close cooperation between the practitioner and the patient that the process of loosening teeth can be halted.

The recovery process requires the patient to make an extra effort in terms of dental hygiene, in addition to the specific treatment performed by the dentist. Twice-daily brushing is crucial and regular scaling should be performed by your dental hygienist.

The esthetic treatments of gums
Some esthetic defects of the oral cavity can be treated by means of transplants of gum. The transplant consists, under local anesthesia, in taking a piece of gum in a place of the mouth (most of the time to the roof of the mouth) to go to transplant it to another place.

Gingival transplant and covering(collection) of a recession of the gum.

Certain recessions of the gum can be treated by recovering the denudation of the dental root by a gingival transplant. The intervention takes place in the following way :

Parodontologie greffe gencive - avant la greffe

Before the transplant

Parodontologie greffe gencive - realisation greffe

Doing the transplant

Parodontologie greffe gencive - apres greffe

After the healing

At the end of about ten days, the healing is quite achieved. A few weeks, even a few months, are sometimes necessary to obtain a complete healing and a definitive esthetic result. According to the case, the recession of the gum can be covered totally or partially.

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