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Specialised treatments for children

In cases of dental decay or even if they are broken, milk teeth need to be filled so that there will be space for the permanent teeth later on. A dental appointment also avoids your child possibly needing to have a tooth extracted, and ensures prompt treatment of any tooth decay before it affects the permanent teeth.

Regardless of children’s age, should you notice any problems with their teeth it is best to make an appointment with the dentist.

The Champel Dental Center specialised dentists, gentle and delicate, can provide the necessary treatment and furthermore give you advices on how to care for your child’s teeth, how to identify at an early stage any problems which may arise, and what to do.

Please remember that it is important to prepare your child for the first visit to the dentist, so that it runs smoothly. In this way your child need have no fear of future visits to the dentist.


Dental treatments at the Champel Dental Centre