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Centre Dentaire Lancy - Wisdom Teeth

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Dental technology

The Centre Dentaire Champel makes every effort to provide you with treatments using state-of-the-art equipment and the best materials in dentistry in order to meet the highest standards.

Chair screen

Our screens in the chairs allow us to make a complete co-diagnosis with the patient, explaining to him/her, by displaying the X-rays and photos taken during the consultation, all the problems present in his/her mouth, and the solutions envisaged.
We can also broadcast cartoons to occupy the children during their dental care.

Optical impression

CEREC allows an optical impression to be taken using a camera to replace old impression pastes. The ceramic reconstitution is carried out on site using a milling machine. Advantages: time saving, increased precision, long treatment life.

Optical aids

The systematic use of optical aids with 2.5 to 6 times magnification increases the precision of the work and therefore the longevity of the treatments.

Dental implants-dental technology

Implant Surgery

This treatment has now become simple and painless. For the most complex cases, we use 3D radiology and ultrasonic systems which, thanks to the application of rigorous protocols, allow these treatments to be carried out with great reliability.

3D Radiology at the Centre dentaire champel

3D Radiology

In many cases, conventional radiology is not sufficient for accurate diagnosis and safe treatment: wisdom tooth extractions, the placement of dental implants, as well as some devitalizations often require a 3D view of the pre-operative situation. We offer you the possibility of carrying out these examinations at the practice to avoid travel and loss of time.

Osteocentral Anesthesia

This new type of anaesthesia, without syringe but controlled with finesse by a mini-computer, allows to eliminate pain on 2 to 8 teeth, without numbness and with only one injection point.

Kavo's Diagnocam

Kavo's Diagnocam

The new KaVo DIAGNOcam is the first camera to use tooth structure to diagnose caries. It uses transillumination (laser) with a wavelength of 780nm, which is used like a fiber optic.

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